No jails, No cages, No shackles: White House executive order is an insult, does not solve family separation.


June 20, 2018

For Immediate Release


Washington, DC - The Stephen Miller run White House just announced an executive order to detain families, together, indefinitely.   The order does not reverse recent ‘Zero tolerance’ policy announced by the Department of Homeland Security, nor does it allow asylum seekers to go through the process peacefully.  Instead, the order allows for broader practices of detaining some of the most vulnerable people in the world by opening up the possibilities of suitable “facilities”, jails for loved ones, together.

The White House response comes after mounting pressure to end Trump’s detention and deportation of children and their loved ones while seeking asylum. June 20th is recognized worldwide as ‘World Refugee Day’.

Below is the official statement of the UndocuBlack Network:

“Families belong together, but not in cages.  People have a right to seek refuge; international law prescribes and basic human decency obligates that we allow them to do so in peace.  The U.S. needs to allow people to seek asylum. We reject 45’s executive order to jail families together. Criminalizing those seeking safety while continuing to build upon the prison industrial complex by detaining asylum seeker families together is not what we are demanding.

The Trump administration orchestrated this crisis by enacting the ‘zero tolerance’ policy. Just yesterday, the president referred to immigrants as vermin and an infestation. We understand the true racist, anti-immigrant, white supremacist intentions of Stephen Miller and by extension Donald Trump - this new executive order is is dangerous. They must end the ‘zero tolerance’ policy now, it’s the only solution.”