UndocuBlack Network condemns SCOTUS ruling. SCOTUS is complicit in institutional discrimination and xenophobic Muslim Ban. Shame.

June 26, 2018

For Immediate Release

Contact: Info@undocublack.org

Washington, DC - The Supreme Court of the United States announced this morning that they uphold the Trump administration’s third iteration of the Muslim Ban. The 5-4 ruling in the Trump vs. Hawaii et al case comes after outrage and concern about the impact of such a draconian policy.

The Muslim Ban was a promise from Trump’s presidential campaign and restricts legal migration, temporary visas from several Muslim majority countries - Libya, Iran, Syria, Somalia and Yemen as well as two non-Muslim countries- North Korea and Venezuela. The approval of this ban sanctions institutional discrimination and enforces the criminalizing of Muslim communities.

Below is the official statement from the UndocuBlack Network:

“This decision by SCOTUS is a shame and a disgrace. The Muslim Ban is islamophobic and xenophobic; the Supreme Court is now complicit. It is a continuation of Trump’s white supremacist agenda seeking to end migration of Black and Brown people.  

The Muslim Ban, like all immigration sanctions brought under this White House, including ending Temporary Protected Status and DACA, are vicious attacks on our communities.

The Department of Homeland Security’s statement supporting the ban underscores false narratives and stereotypes about people of color that we reject and condemn. We will not stand by this administration’s dehumanizing of Muslims.

This ruling is immoral. The Muslim Ban violates civil rights, human rights and basic human decency. Shame on the majority of the Supreme Court. Shame on this administration.”

The UndocuBlack Network along with other advocates continue to fight and will host a congressional briefing in Washington, DC this Thursday, June 28th to advocate for extension of Temporary Protected Status for Yemen and Somalia.