UndocuBlack Network says Secretary Nielsen’s decision NOT to re-designate TPS for Yemen is  cold-hearted and cruel; denies U.S. culpability.

July 5th, 2018

For Immediate Release

Contact: Info@undocublack.org

Washington, DC - Today, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced an extension and not a redesignation of  Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Yemen. This means an 18 month extension for only current TPS holders and does not allow new applicants to apply for TPS.

Policy Director for the UndocuBlack Network, Patrice Lawrence said , “This decision should have been an easy one  - re-designation, a new protection, for all Yemenis in the United States since  this crisis began. Not only is this decision cold-hearted and cruel, it also demonstrates blatant disregard for the lives the U.S. is responsible for.  There is a civil war in Yemen fueled with U.S. weapons and involvement. How does secretary Nielsen acknowledge that Yemen has ongoing armed conflict yet does not offer safety? Where is her conscience?”

UndocuBlack Network shares that it is an ethical and moral responsibility to protect Yemenis from suffering and death particularly because the American government has contributed to the current civil war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.


UndocuBlack Network continues to demand a permanent solution for all TPS holders. A TPS decision is due for Somalia TPS July 19, 2018, and we appeal for a redesignation; like Yemen, Somalia faces an insurmountable humanitarian crisis and ongoing armed conflict.