UndocuBlack Network Rejects White House Immigration “Principles”


October 9, 2017

Contact:, 240-903-0189

Last night the occupant of the White House released a list of immigration "principles" that they believe must be prioritized in addressing our immigration reform.

The white supremacist wish list includes: Southern border enforcement and interior enforcement, as well as so-called merit based Immigration systems.  The preposterous recommendations not only prescribe inhumane responses to asylees, unaccompanied minors and far-reaching refugee caps, but also restricts visas, severely undercutting legal migration for loved ones of U.S. citizens and green card holders, especially from developing countries.

We however, as undocumented people remain unapologetic in our commitment to pass a clean DREAM Act that provides permanent protections to our young.  We do not support enforcement of any kind nor any measure that criminalizes the rest of our community's existence. That's our demand and we are committed to it.

“It's very clear to us that the only ‘principle’ this White House is committed to is further upholding white supremacy through our immigration system,” said Jonathan Jayes-Green, Co-Founder and National Coordinator of the UndocuBlack Network.

National Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for the UndocuBlack Network, Patrice Lawrence issued the following statement:

“As with all their immigration proposals this year, the Trump Administration led by Steve Miller and Jeff Sessions continues to perpetuate a false rhetoric about immigrants, especially those who are Black or have close proximity to Blackness. This “othering” is not new, in fact it is consistent with historic white nationalism. Similar sentiments have been echoed since the end of slavery.

“The fact is that the government currently has access to over 800,000 lives, some of whom applied for but were denied DACA. We must hold Trump accountable. He irresponsibly ended the DACA program and now must listen to those whom he put at risk. This is not about doing immigrants any favors, the only option we see is a clean DREAM Act.”