"I'm so happy to be outside. I can hardly believe it."

For inquiries contact: info@undocublack.org

We are so happy to be writing on behalf of a coalition of organizations to say that brother Abdi has been released from immigration detention and his asylum was granted!

We want to express our gratitude to all of the people who rallied behind Abdi, Malyuun and their two young daughters, you have made it possible for a family to be reunited! Now that the Mohamed's are adjusting to life without detention we need your help to bring some financial stability to their life after detention, please donate to and share this fundraiser.

Thank you to the powerful legal team at the CLEAR Project and Immigrant and Non-Citizen Rights Clinic at CUNY School of Law, the relentless love from Malyuun, the efforts of Ilhan Omar's office, and the support of organizations like Color of Change, Freedom to Thrive, Families for Freedom, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, & UndocuBlack Network.

Abdi was finally able to step foot in New York City for the first time since being profiled and detained at JFK airport in December 2017. The Muslim Ban, tuberculosis, racism, borders and for profit prisons could not stop Abdi, so help us ensure that his first concern out of detention is not putting food on the table.