Democratic Control of the House must be accompanied by bold, vigorous oversight of the Trump Administration: Stand up for Stand up for the Black, Indigenous, Immigrant Communities

November 7, 2018

For Immediate Release

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WASHINGTON, DC - The 2018 midterm elections brought wins for the Democrats gaining control of the House of Congress. Hard work from organizers including many Black and immigrant voices delivered a more inclusive Congress, as well as local and state offices, which will include the first Muslim American and Native American women; more LGBTQ, Black, Latinx and African immigrant representatives.  

Many of these electeds ran on platforms with promises to seek justice denied and thwarted in the past two years and have committed to challenging Trump in the courts on behalf of immigrants and other marginalized communities.  Key changes to state amendments include the passage of amendment 4 in Florida will see the enfranchisement of approximately 1.4 million people in Florida, overturning slavery-era laws.  

“These new members of Congress including the women from Native American, Muslim and LGBTQ backgrounds made history. They were elected with the hope that they will protect the rights of the working class, immigrants and underrepresented populations who are overrepresented in the Trump Administration’s attacks. They must protect the communities that elected them.  Their win tonight must be accompanied with diligent oversight of the Trump Administration. The 116th Congress means time for the Democrats to act and use their newfound power wisely.  We demand that DREAM/TPS legislation be considered within the first 100 days of Congress.”

Patrice Lawrence, National Policy and Advocacy Director, UndocuBlack Network.

“Last night the Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives showing a clear repudiation of the hatred, injustice, cruelty of the Trump’s Republican Party and administration. The American people as a whole are demanding a better country for all of us. A country in which marginalized communities, especially immigrant communities, can live, thrive and exist in this country without fear. We fully expect Democrats to use their newly acquired power to move us closer to that vision and we are ready to hold them accountable if they don’t.”

Jonathan Jayes-Green, Director, UndocuBlack Network.