UndocuBlack Network opposes Trump's Family Ban; It has everything to do with white supremacist agenda and nothing to do DACA

Washington, DC -   As support for the DREAM Act increases, Trump held a meeting with bipartisan legislators today where he reiterated the ‘family ban’ along with a list of poison  pills as part of a “DACA deal”.  The UndocuBlack Network reaffirms its opposition to this latest call for the end of the Diversity Visa program, a part of the family ban.

“The family ban is any and all attacks on the family-based visa immigration system and the diversity of this country as provided by the  Diversity Visa program.  

 What does the family ban have to do with DACA?  Absolutely nothing.  What does it have to do with a racist, xenophobic presidency and advancing a white supremacist agenda? Absolutely everything.  

We stand with and for the DREAM Act and support its passage for immigrant youth in all of our communities.   What we do not stand for is any compromises to our immigration system especially the Diversity Visa program which ensures that individuals from low admission countries in other visa categories, have an equitable opportunity to migrate freely.

We are adamantly against ending the Diversity Visa program and family-based visa immigration system.  Any friend of immigrants must be too.”

Patrice Lawrence, Policy and Advocacy Director, UndocuBlack Network