Where is the spine of our leaders?: The decision to end #TrumpShutdown without a bipartisan deal leaves the American public, Immigrants, parents and their children wondering.

For Immediate Release

January 22, 2018

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Washington, DC - The Senate has just voted to reopen the government without any consequential or long-term bipartisan agreement on the nation’s pressing issues: Disaster relief for U.S. states including Puerto Rico, budget caps and the DREAM Act. Dubbed the #TrumpShutdown, the federal government was closed for a little over two and a half days beginning Friday, January 19th because the leaders on both sides were unwilling to come to agreement on the nation’s spending bill and its amendments. The motion in the Senate today was the same as what was agreed to in the House prior to the shutdown, except it comes with a loose commitment to revisit immigration talks ahead of the next funding vote on February 8, 2018.  

“It seems as if Donald Trump is not the only one who does not understand the art of a deal; in reopening the government, Democrats have displayed the same. It is dangerous for Democrats to cave while Mitch McConnell still refers to undocumented immigrants with derogatory slurs spewing lies, misrepresenting the wishes of the American public. The reality is that over 75% of Americans demand a DREAM Act and are desperate for a permanent solution for immigrant youth and their families.

Patrice Lawrence, Policy Director, UndocuBlack Network - We imagine that in the coming weeks, Congress should brace for the outrage of immigration and children’s advocates, undocumented immigrants including DACA recipients, TPS and DED  holders, their families, friends and our allies who are steadfast in their commitment to the most vulnerable.  Congress has one more chance to make this right, and that is before the end of the next C.R. on Thursday, February 8th.  Best believe, we will be present and vigilant. 

Jonathan Jayes-Green, co-founder and Director, UndocuBlack Network - “This is a disgraceful day for our country. The Democratic Party and its leaders sent a message today, and it was loud and clear: they allegedly care about the immigrant community but are willing to put our fates in the hands of those who have been unwilling to protect us. Every deportation from here on out, every immigrant detention, every person losing their DACA and TPS status lies partly in the hands of Democratic leadership, not just Trump. We will never forget this day.”