UndocuBlack Network decries scapegoating Immigrants - The Diversity Visa Lottery Program


November 11, 2017

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As New York City recovers from a tragedy, Black immigrants once again find themselves in the firing line, alongside our brothers and sisters in the MASA community.

The Diversity Visa Lottery has been drastically reduced over the years, eliminating the legal migration of Black immigrants to this country.  Yesterday’s violent incident in New York City does not merit this xenophobic Administration attacking a program that was enacted with bi-partisan support during a Republican presidency. Let’s not forget that Trump’s idea of a merit-based system involves only people who “speak English, have high degrees, a job offer and create new businesses.”

America’s borders are secure and the biggest threat to immigrants are the white supremacists and the state agents who abuse their power. Trump is against spouses, our grandparents, children being reunited with their parents in the name of so-called competitive advantage.

It has never been clearer that Trump does not value family and has no empathy. We expect our leaders in Congress and our allies to stand up for and by the Diversity Visa Lottery program.

“As we continue to fight for a DREAM Act that is clean, let’s not forget that a bill criminalizing and demonizing our communities, or eliminating one of the few ways African immigrants are able to immigrate into the U.S., is by no means clean.” - Patrice Lawrence, National Policy & Advocacy Coordinator, UndocuBlack Network.