• The UndocuBlack Network is building local chapters in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. These Chapters are building on our local convenings providing safe spaces for attendees to develop kinship amongst other Black undocumented immigrants in their community. If you're interested in starting or supporting a chapter, please email info@undocublack.org

  • We are establishing a mental wellness initiative to underscore and address the trauma that our community experiences. 

  • The Ubumoja Circle Program was implemented to create a more united undocumented Black community through cultural exchanges and constructive, healing, interpersonal conversations. The program utilizes telephone conversations, physical mail and e-mails to foster connection and kinship. Participants are paired up every three months through a random drawing coordinated by Didi and Gabrielle. If you identify as both Black and undocumented and would like to be paired up, please contact gabrielle@undocublack.org.

  • UBN is working with several organizational partners to create resources or adjust current ones, so that they are accessible to the Black undocumented community. Our soon-to-be launched resource guide will include low cost and inclusive legal, health, housing and educational resources. If you are aware of and/or connected to any low cost or free resources that can be utilized by anyone regardless of immigration status or race, please complete this form with the necessary information.

    If you or your organization would like to provide support to the UndocuBlack Network on any of the above items or on other things, please contact us at info@undocublack.org.