mental wellness initiative


During this time of political crisis, and the increased targeting, criminalizing and deportations of our communities, we are prioritizing our community’s survival. We believe that, in this moment, our survival is political. We believe that it is an urgent matter to ensure our communities have adequate access to mental health services and we want to ensure the general public understands the increased urgency of mental wellness in this moment for our affected communities. As such, we launched our Mental Wellness Initiative (MWI).

Our Mental Wellness Initiative seeks to do the following things:

Expand the dialogue around mental wellness in our communities.

Create resources to ease the barriers our communities face while seeking care and educate interested mental health service providers about our community. Our first step in this is creating and sharing a guide, The UndocuBlack(TM) Guide for Mental Wellness Specialists, that our members can use while accessing care and that service providers can use to educate themselves about our community.

Organize a Collective of Therapists willing to provide low cost or pro bono services to our community. These therapists will receive additional trainings and resources on how to care for our community.

Facilitate Mental Wellness Discussions across the country with our community. These Mental Wellness Discussions will be facilitated by our trained members for our community. The purpose of these spaces is to provide our folks with tangible coping mechanisms and to encourage open conversation about mental wellness.

This is our vision. This is our plan. This is how we as a community are creating an infrastructure to support our own in this moment.

We can’t do this without our allies and co-conspirators. If you believe in our vision, please make a donation here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Mental Wellness Director Gabrielle Jackson at